About Us

Artisans Bonsai Nursery was founded in 2013 and is owned by Joseph Cain, a retired firefighter and lifelong resident of Hillsborough County, Florida.

"Our focus is on the traditional art, not the quick sale, stick a plant in a pot and call it bonsai market that is so common today. We want everyone to know the true art as it was meant to be taught".

"To many people are just trying to make money, rather than teach the right way. Most of these students will become discouraged when their trees die from incorrect information and lack of proper knowledge. Usually, these new practitioners will give up, never knowing how enjoyable this art can be." 

"Our goal at Artisans Bonsai is to grow the art, not just make money. By growing the art correctly, we can build a solid foundation of future bonsai artisans that are confident in their skills and knowledge."

Joseph's journey began in 1985 when he took his first class with Marion Borchers, owner and master of The Bonsai Garden in Tampa. 

Through the years Joseph has continued to refine his techniques, studying with masters and hosting events with names like Pedro Morales, Nacho Marin, Mauro Stemberger & Juan Andrade.

Currently he is attending classes with famed American bonsai master Bjorn Bjorholm in Tennessee 2 weeks a year. 

In addition to the nursery Joseph is the USA Master Distributor of Samurai Bonsai Power Carving Tools and, as of this year, the USA Master Distributor for Hugo Stainless Steel Bonsai Tools.

We offer classes & workshops and carry a complete line of bonsai supplies Come join our growing list of successful students in this art, the art of bonsai.


Artisans Bonsai offers the following services:

  • Bonsai rentals for special events
  • Bonsai leasing & maintenance for offices & home display
  • Bonsai viewing displays
  • Koi ponds, fish & waterfalls
  • Tree boarding
  • Bonsai styling
  • Bonsai wiring
  • Repotting
  • Deadwood carving
  • Lime Sulphur application
  • Bonsai RX care/treatment